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Missions 109
Welcome to the Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society and to the Lorenzo Mission Institute

Welcome to Missions 109

It is called “missions” because of the two institutions in mission: Lorenzo Mission Institute and Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society

Bukluran 2018

Clerical Garb Investiture

The Lorenzo Ruiz Mission Society was founded in 1997 and the Lorenzo Mission Institute in 1987

Formation Update

LMI Update

LRMS Update

It is “109” because the two institutions find their inspiration and encouragement from the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines no. 109 which states: “and here on our own land is a vast field of mission related to the Filipino-Chinese apostolate. Less than 20% of the Chinese in the Philippines have had some effective evangelization. The progress made in evangelizing through the educational and pastoral work of the Filipino-Chinese apostolate is a great encouragement. We need to intensify this. But we must look beyond our shores and take note of the missionary opportunities… we need to provide encouragement, support, and personnel to this important mission.” (PCP II, no. 109)

The Archdiocese of Manila opens the Year of the Youth

“To die for the faith is a call to some; to live the faith is a call to all”

(St. John Paul II)